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You are always looking to improve

You provide great products and support your customers daily at their optimal use. During the purchase, servicing and maintenance, the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers is paramount. You are constantly looking for new ways to improve your company’s performance and enhance your business model. Finding new solutions and better services to add more value to your customers. Exploit new opportunities or simply to do a better job. You will continue to seek this balance. People are the key to your success.

We are part time professionals in technical sectors

We work with your people to implement practical solutions. We think and work with you. Together we determine the goals, objectives and KPIs, we gradually implement changes, secure results and make sure keep track.

Practical. Goal oriented. Result focussed. No thick reports, no overhead. We have a great deal of hands-on experience both in technical and trading enterprises in the Netherlands and abroad. We feel equally at home in the boardroom and on the shop floor.

Your people often lack time and focus to use or realize improvement opportunities. The daily work demands full attention. It is not easy to distance themselves from work. From our own experience we know that real hands-on support and pragmatic execution is often lacking … and that is exactly what we do deliver! We work part-time because that is usually sufficient to achieve the results. Our clients thus have access to high-quality knowledge and expertise while keeping costs manageable.

We are partners in a network company

We are partners in Hands On, but operate independently of each other. Our experience as managers and specialists is complementary. We live the modern way of working in which we carry out assignments independently and cooperate where it adds value. We meet regularly, but do not share a fixed office. We have each other’s professional opinion always within reach and can draw on our extensive network.

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